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Terius Gray, better known by his stage name Juvenile, is an American rapper, actor, and songwriter. He is also a member of the hip hop group The Hot Boys. His career began in 1995, when, at 17, he released his debut album Being Myself in 1995.
Juvenile's biography
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Having come up in the Hot Boys group alongside superstar Lil Wayne, New Orleans rapper Juvenile is a Southern hip-hop veteran, and a chart-topping one as well, having climbed the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with his 2004 single "Slow Motion." Born Terius Gray, Juvenile was one of the initial figures involved in New Orleans' "bounce" craze of the early '90s, an uptempo style of hip-hop that combined gangster rap and party music. Besides an affiliation with the bounce group U.N.L.V., Juvenile was featured on two tracks from bounce artist DJ Jimi, 1991's "It's Jimi" and 1993's "Bounce (For the Juvenile)."

The Warlock record label released his debut album, Being Myself, in 1994, but the bounce craze failed to spread past New Orleans so the rapper's quest for national success was back at square one. Cash Money label owners Ronald "Suga Slim" Williams and Brian "Baby" Williams...  more
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