• Welcome to the new loud.MX
    Posted by SOLID July 8, 2017

    Hello everybody.


    I've spent the last 2 months or so re-designing & re-building loud.MX. The site now uses a completely upgraded script that is 100x more flexible than the previous script I had the site running on. In order to keep all (most) of the information from the old version of loud.MX, I simply ported all of the information from the old database to the new database structure. Blah blah, technical non-sense.


    Anyways, there are still things currently being worked on. I will be working on some of the following items while the site is live, so don't be alarmed if you see things out of wack.


    Music archiving:

    With the new loud.MX, all music is now lumped together by artists. This means you can simply search for your favorite artist and find all of the music we have to stream on their artist page. The only issue has been that I've had to go through each song individually to accomplish this, and there's thousands of songs. So with that being said, you will notice that a lot of songs are missing album cover art, tags, music genre info etc. Give me time and slowly but surely you will see these things.


    Site design:

    There are still some aspects of the site that I am experimenting with. Areas like user profiles, music, videos, user home page etc. These areas of the site are still being modified & built


    Site functionality:

    Like mentioned above, I'm experimenting with different designs so in the near future I'll be coding up some more useful features



    In the meantime while all of this is happening, if you have any issues with the site, or have any feedback or suggestions, please contact me using the "Contact" link at the bottom of the site... or by clicking here


    Again, any feedback good or bad is highly appreciated! Enjoy the new loud.MX :)